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Ukulele Lessons

Our brand new Ukulele Group Lessons apply the School of Rock philosophy of teaching the fundamentals of music to the Ukulele beginner. Students will learn all about the instrument's anatomy and history, all while learning popular rock music adapted for the Ukulele.

Ukulele lessons are available for ages 7-12.

Click HERE to book a free ukulele lesson and we'll get you started!

Don't just take our word for it, check out this review!

"My daughter Lily Mabel began attending the School of Rock Philadelphia at age six. She focused on drums and had Corey Mark as her private teacher. She also attended the Rock 101 group jam sessions on the weekend. Corey has been a particularly kind an patient teacher allowing Lily Mabel to continue to be a typical hyper kid while also keeping her and on task and helping her grow. Lily Mabel now eight years old, in the performance section, and never fails to amaze me with her ever growing talent as a drummer. It clearly brings her tremendous joy and pride to perform in public and it is also obvious that working with other kids to tackle a song as a group has taught her a lot about team work. Her improvement over the past few years has also been a valuable lesson for her about working hard and practicing every day to get better at complex tasks. Therefore, I would (and do) recommend the School of Rock to any parent that has a child with an interest in music and also feel strongly that a lot more is taught at the School of Rock than just music, such as team work and the virtues of practice and patience."

- Heather Rose of South Philadelphia, PA